Today I’ll be reviewing the cheapest Wireless USB Adaptor That supports 5Ghz Wifi. Is the Wireless USB Adaptor Effective? Does it improve wifi speeds? Watch The Video To Find Out 🙂 Shopping Links: Shopee: [More]
How to change your Rain Huawei 5G WiFi router Password and Username
Helium 5G mining will make miners millionaires! Helium is set to explode as 5G miners hit the market, but how does 5G mining work? Bobcat Miner 500 is incoming as Bobcat has partnered with FreedomFi [More]
I Appreciate Small Token for the upgrade of my vlogs and to help others You can send your donation here: Gcash – 09065753412 Coins – +639223993456 BDO – 004630404506 NEW CHANNEL PLEASE SUBSCRIBE TO [More]
The first cheap chip supporting 5GHz Wi-Fi is the Realtek RTL8720 and it should be Arduino compatible. But is it any good? And which tricks do we need to know? Or is it better to [More]
In this episode, I talk about why you won’t be able to receive care remotely without the upcoming 5G revolution. Digital health technologies swarm healthcare making patients the point-of-care. Sensors used at home, artificial intelligence-powered [More]
These stickers are sold as “safety” devices that will shield you from RF energy from your phone and other home appliances. In reality there’s nothing safe about them. Worse still, they may pose a genuine [More]
5G can be many different things depending on what kind of spectrum is used. In this video, Professor Emil Björnson explains the concepts of low-band, mid-band, and high-band (mm-wave) spectrum, and what these different frequency [More]
Cloud computing is a popular practice involving the internet to store and manage your data on the internet. In this video on cloud computing, week we’ll take you through all of the basic concepts of [More]
Research Tv India #5g #4g #5gnetwork #Researchtvindia #Globalwarming #Advancedtechnology #5gtechnology #5gnetworkpros #5gnetworkcons #5gadvantages #5gdisadvantages In telecommunications, 5G is the fifth generation technology standard for broadband cellular networks, which cellular phone companies began deploying worldwide in [More]
What is the difference between a wireless access point and a Wi-Fi router? A Wi-Fi router is what allows multiple wired and wireless devices to join together in a local area network. A wireless access [More]
T-Mobile’s new 5G In Home Internet FULL REVIEW!! I WAS IMPRESSED T-Mobile Internet 2022 Review- Thinking about Switching to T-Mobile – T- Mobile Internet Playlist – Follow up-Will The Gateway work on [More]
Get paid to recommend products to friends with Recommate! ⇨ (Sponsored) ▼ Time Stamps: ▼ 0:00 – Intro 2:41 – A Bit About Cell Frequencies 6:05 – Why Mid-Band? 7:22 – The FCC Opens [More]
Here is the high speed Verizon 5G Home Internet that uses the mmWave ultra wideband 5G that can get speeds over 1 Gbps! I review the features of the gateway, how it is installed in [More]

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