For most of us, a mobile phone is a part of our lives, but I am sure your curious minds have always been struck by such questions as to how a mobile phone makes a [More]
Welcome to another edition of Streakwave Learning Center. This episode covers the basics of backhaul link. You will learn the definition of the backhaul, review the differences between wireless and wired backhaul, look into backhaul [More]
At Mobile World Congress Americas 2017, Keysight Technologies presented a series of end-to-end solutions including 5G, Wi-Fi, LTE, network emulation and security.
We have uploaded same video with Human Voice as it was request form all the viewers. Please check the link mentioned in description
What is 5G? What makes 5G so groundbreaking compared to 4G? 5G vs 4G, what’s the difference? Let’s find out! This is a Malaysian Tech Review from a Malaysian Tech Reviewer. Follow us for more [More]
【貘】Wi-Fi 2.4G 和 5G 差別在哪? | 貘の電腦小教室 #3
4G වලට වඩා සුපිරි වේගවත් 5G ගැන දැනගමු What is 5G? The next generation of wireless, explained Which countries are using 5g? How fast is 5g LTE? Is 5g WIFI better? Is 5g faster than [More]
We know public WiFi shouldn’t be trusted, but why? What are the risks when do you connect to a coffeeshop network and how can you protect yourself for them? 📚 Sources This video would not [More]
In this conversation with Asha Keddy, VP at Intel, Monica Paolini of Senza Fili talks about the evolving role of wireless in the enterprise, with the increased connectivity needs and adoption of IoT in parallel [More]
5G internet has been one of the biggest buzzwords in the tech world over the past few years. As the next generation of cellular technology, the faster speeds and lower latencies it promises to change [More]
5G wireless technologies will be upon us soon but who is shepherding the research and standards for 5G? Join TIA NOW as they speak with Afif Osseiran of Ericsson, who heads the effort for the [More]
NXP, the leader in RF power, mobile and infrastructure LNAs, enables frequencies from sub-6 GHz up to 40 GHz and power levels from milliwatts to kilowatts. Our 5G mMIMO, mmWave and macro solutions are key [More]
Dana Farbo, founder of DMV AR Studios, shares the different ways in which 5G can benefit public safety. With high speeds and low latency, 5G will be able to deliver important information and data fast, [More]
Know the risks of using free public wi-fi networks. These security tips will help protect your device, as well as your identity and personal data from cybercriminals. Visit Kaspersky Lab site at to learn [More]
2020年春から本格始動する5Gについて、モバイルWiFi業界がどう変わるのか?わたしの見解を解説しました。 あくまでも個人的な見解ですが、既に5Gを導入している事例や、導入するプロセスなどを踏まえ、現実的な予測をわかりやすく解説しています。 ■参考情報 NTTドコモ5Gに関する報道発表 ベライゾンの5Gサービスに関する情報(ubergizmo) Verizonスポークスマンのtweet どんなときもWiFiお客様サポートのtweet ■結論から言うと 全然問題なく申し込んで良いと思います。 5G対応端末を待つメリットは、現時点であまりないと思います。 5G対応のルーター端末は6万円以上するだろうから、レンタルサービスが開始されても月額4000円以上はしそうですよね。 だから、2020年1月時点では、迷うことなくクラウドSIMに対応したモバイルWiFiを申し込むのが賢い選択だと思います。 ■おすすめの2年契約のWiFiサービス ・MugenWiFi MugenWiFi 公式ページ ふじもんコラボMugenWiFi特設ページ 月額3280円 初期費用0円(ふじもんコラボ特設ページのみ適用です) 2年契約 ・どんなときもWiFi どんなときもWiFi 公式ページ どんなときもWiFi 特別プランページ 月額3280円 初期費用3000円 [More]

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