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– Disclaimer: this video is meant purely informational! This is not medical advice! If you are looking for medical advice always contact your own doctor. –

In this video I will answer the question: “Is 5G Dangerous?”

Almost every significant advancement in technology came with severe protest. We fear new things, because we are selected to do so through millions of years of evolution.This is a natural and frankly smart initial response. But, after this initial reflex of fear, we need to check if indeed this fear is grounded. If we wouldn’t do this, we would still just be fancy monkeys.

So, now than. Let’s step over our initial fear, and figure out what 5G is.
5G: is the 5th generation of wireless information transfer technology. It works via transmitting electromagnetic radiation of higher frequency than the precious generations.
This allows 5G to transfer bigger packages of data, upwards of 10gb/sec, lower latency and unparalleled speed.

Now, those amazing new prospects sounds great, but the question still remains is it dangerous?
In the past many scientific studies have been done to test if the radiation “cellphones” emit could pose a real risk to humans. None, of them found any evidence that this would be the case.
This is because 5G, and our cellphones, only emit non-ionizing radiation. This type of radiation does not carry enough energy to break molecular bonds, and therefore will theoretically not damage our DNA.
So 5G is great, and we have nothing to worry about?

Not completely. There are some signs that 5G indeed might be harmful, but good quality evidence is lacking. At this moment we cannot proof nor refute that it is dangerous.
Therefore new good quality studies need to be done to better and fully explore the health effects caused in humans by electromagnetic radiation.

I am sorry, that was the best conclusion I could come up after reviewing all the available evidence!

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