Is 5G dangerous? Will 5G radiation affect human health? Pros, cons and effects of 5G explained!

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Are you worried about the effects of the upcoming 5G technology on your health? Do you think it might affect the ecology but not sure about its consequences? Then you’re on the right video!

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0:19 – Disadvantages of 5G?
0:22 – What are the infrastructural hurdles involved in bringing 5G to the public? Massive MIMO, additional base stations, and extra modems explained
0:47 – Why will 5G phones be bulky and uncomfortable for usage?
1:10 – Why will 5G phones be costly? What would be the cost of 5G data plans?
1:29 – Environmental impact by 5G. What are its effects on birds and animals?
1:48 – Will 5G affect human health? Is 5G dangerous? What are the health issues caused by 5G?
2:37 – Advantages of 5G?
2:45 – How fast would 5G be? Comparison of 5G speed with 4G!
3:10 – What is latency and How 5G will reduce latency?
3:45 – How 5G will unify different platforms?
4:00 – Why will 5G be efficient? What is personalized internet?

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Number 1: the infrastructural hurdles
Number 2: Bulky devices
Number 3: The cost of 5G phones
Number 4: Then environmental impact
Number 5: Health issues


Number 1: and it’s obvious the speed
Number 2: reduced latency
Number 3: Efficient and uniform platform
Number 4: Concentrated networks and personalized internet

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