What is 5G network? How does 5G technology work? When will you be able to use 5G?

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So the buzz around 5G is getting stronger and stronger with even strange people tweeting about it. So what is 5G and how it’ll work? What are some of the advantages and disadvantages of this technology? That’s what we are going to find out in this video!

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0:23 – What is 5G?
0:40 – What is ‘internet of things’ (IOT) technology?
1:10 – What is the need for 5G?
1:22 – What are the 6 different innovations in 5G technology? What are Millimeter waves in 5G?
1:39 – Problems with millimeter waves
1:57 – What is rain fade?
2:04 – What is a small-cell network in 5G?
2:17 – What is Massive MIMO and 3D beamforming in 5G?
2:55 – What is network slicing and full duplex?
3:19 – When will you/your region get 5G?

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5G is the abbreviation of the 5th generation of the communication network and would replace 4G LTE mainly due to the prominence that the internet of things technology is going to get in the near future.

5G uses 5 different innovations in this field to work. In a very abstract manner, the Internet of Things is the idea of connecting all devices and making them interact in a seamless way.

Why 5G?

More fast (upto 20 GbPS)
Reduced latency (Communication between sender and receiver would be almost real time. Helpful in real-time surgery, self driving cars, etc. Basically saves a lot of lives)
Unified platform
Personalized internet
How 5G works?

There are 6 innovations involved:

Millimeter waves: Today, most of the gadgets that we use including television, mobile phones, radios and so on work on radio waves in the electromagnetic spectrum which have frequency between 3 kHz and 6GHz. So this band is getting more and more crowded. The ideology here is simple and that is to open up the higher end of the spectrum from 6 gigahertz onwards for usage. While that sounds pretty straightforward, these high frequency wave have a big disadvantage and that is the fact that these waves cannot travel for longer distances like the waves that we use for present-day communication. This is due to high scattering and even buildings or trees might obstruct these waves. Interestingly there is a phenomenon called rain fade which literally means that millimeter waves can be faded by rain.

Small cell networks: The aforementioned reasons are why the second innovation exists. By this, along with the main tower a lot of smaller base stations would be installed which would act as a booster to these signals.

Massive MIMO: A lot of times we require connections to be more concentrated on one place than the other like a cricket match or a Mobile World Congress. This would mean two things:

The higher the capacity that the tower should have
The lesser the interference that the wave should do

This is where massive MIMO or Multiple-Input Multiple-Output and 3D beamforming help. With massive MIMO technology the number of antennas in a tower can be increased up to a theoretical maximum of 256 nodes

3D beam-forming: This technology helps the task to transmit waves in multiple directions thereby reducing interference.

Full duplex: This helps out in overcoming reciprocity of antennas with which antennas can send or receive data simultaneously rather than taking turns like it does with the current technology.

Network slicing: is a way of creating separate wireless networks on the cloud allowing users to create personalized internet experience.

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